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Parent 1: My child is currently in K2. Is it too early for my child to join C Win’s pre-school Chinese course?

圆圆老师这样认为:这位家长您好,非常理解您的心情,很多家长会有这样的顾虑:认为孩子在K2就参加华文课程,对孩子是一种压力。我们知道 “九层之台,起于垒土”,华文的学习是一点一滴慢慢积累的过程,而我们华盛的K2课程始于简单的拼音、笔顺笔画、儿歌朗读、绘本故事等等,教材的内容符合孩子的受教程度,相信您的孩子加入我们一定会提高对华文的兴趣,为步入小一的华文学习打下坚实的基础。我们热情地欢迎您的孩子早日加入华盛。谢谢!
Teacher Yuan Yuan’s opinion: We understand many parents have concerns regarding their child’s well-being. One such worry is placing too much academic pressure on them at such a young age. However, the study of Chinese is an accumulative process, and it is critical to lay a solid foundation. Our K2 courses are designed using childhood pedagogical methods. We first introduce HanYuPinYin, and embark on fun and interactive learning through stories and songs. This eases the children into the world of Chinese at a comfortable pace, giving your child a head-start into primary school.


Parent 2: My daughter started P1 this year and my son is in P2. They currently do not have Chinese exams in school. Is it still necessary for me to let my children participate in C Win's intensive learning courses?

Teacher Cui’s opinion: To relief the academic burden on young children, schools now delay holding examinations for P1 & P2 students. While many parents are glad that their children can be in a relaxed learning environment, they are also worried about the inability to gauge their child's learning progress. As the saying goes, "Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared." C Win has specially designed a set of intensive training courses for P1 & P2 students to solidify their foundation, building their confidence to face P3.
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