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Corporate Profile

C Win Learning Centre was founded in 2000 and is registered with the Ministry of Education of Singapore. We are dedicated educators who are committed to providing creative and quality educational content that not only complements but go beyond the primary and secondary schools’ curricula. In the longer term, we hope to cultivate in our young learners a passion for learning, independent thinking skills, and improved academic performance.

Our language centre in Singapore is part of a larger group of academic R&D, educational management and teaching teams. In addition to the Chinese language courses offered in Singapore, we also provide other training courses, educational services, and other projects overseas. For more information, please visit our website:




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Centre Characteristics (The “3 Hi-Qs”)

Over the past 20 years, we have always managed our centre based on our core values – the “3 Hi-Qs”: (1) High-Quality Materials; (2) High-Quality Teachers; and (3) High-Quality Classes.

(1)        High-Quality Materials         

Using MOE’s syllabuses as guiding frameworks, we combine our expertise, resources and years of teaching experiences to not only reinforce and complement what learners studied in school, but also build on the content with the latest topics of the today to ensure relevance of the content. In the short term, we aim to help students achieve higher scores in their school exams; but in the longer term, we really hope to develop our learners into caring members of the society, as well as instil in them a greater sense of social responsibility.

(2)        High-Quality Teachers

Most of our Chinese teachers are experienced teachers from China, and they do their utmost to adapt their teaching to suit the students and the learning environment. Aside from teaching skills, they were also selected based on their caring, patient and sincere personalities.

(3)        High-Quality Classes

We have always insisted on running small classes, maintaining a balance to ensure that classes are small enough such that teachers could give proper attention to the learners, yet at the same time with enough learners so that they could interact with each other to further improve communicative skills and reinforce each other’s learning.




Our Pedagogy (The “5-in-1” Principle)

Since the inception of the centre, we have adhered to our “5-in-1” principles when delivering the lessons. This entails: (1) building and strengthening foundation knowledge; (2) improving listening skills; (3) improving oral examination skills; (4) improving reading comprehension; and (5) improving writing skills. Though the elements are never exclusive in most language courses, our unique “blend” has proved successful and effective in helping learners improve their Chinese examination scores.

In terms of language education, C Win has constantly delivered what parents need for their children – observable gradual progress and measurable foundational growth.



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